SlotPro Zero Liquid Discharge Testing Rig


Customer: Aquafortus Technologies Ltd

Product: SlotPro by Autoline

The Challenge

Designing a chemically compatible structure that is mobile, flexible, less time consuming to assemble and sturdy to support frequently changing equipment and parts on Research & Development Rigs.

The Solution

Structures and sections that can be moved quickly to adapt to new designs and changes. Integrated Slots that accommodate accessories and hold equipment viz. pumps, columns etc in place

The Outcome

Autoline’s SlotPro Range gave us the flexibility to accommodate rapid changes in designs and add in equipment at desired spots to our testing & development rigs. This resulted in us saving construction time and focus on testing and design.

SlotPro Aluminium T-Slot Frame

Customer Feedback

Aquafortus Project Manager, Harshad Lulla has advised:

  • We can reduce construction time to minimum and place equipment at any desired spot.
  • Pre-assembled sections from Autoline helped us save time and focus on testing and improving our technology.
  • The profiles help us to arrange equipment efficiently and make the working environment safe.
  • Autoline always provides technical help and support and are one of our key suppliers. We recommend them for their quality products, excellent customer service and quality workmanship.


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