OTC Daihen Industrial Robots

With a wide range of high-performance robots and products, OTC Daihen is a global leader in innovative welding and robotic solutions. Keeping it all together with one seamless system OTC are the world leading innovators for Synchro-pulse, wave-pulse and digital power-source technologies.

Key Features:

-Synchromotion – Multiple units (robots and positioners) moving together in coordination

-Synchro Short Pulse Control – Waveform control enabling rapid welding with no spatter

-One Knob Control – Adjusting welding voltage and current at the same time

-Constant Arc On – Revolutionary design to maintain a solid arc for AC MIG welding

-Retract Start Control – Enabling instant arc starts for robotic aluminium MIG welding

-Wave Pulse – Creating high speed TIG-like weld beads with pulse MIG welding equipment