Yaskawa Motoman Industrial Robots

With a full range of robots from 2kg to 800kg payloads, Yaskawa make the applications for robotics endless. Yaskawa Motoman offers exceptional products and components – including turnkey integrated work cells and completely customised automation solutions delivering unparalleled efficiency, quality, consistency and productivity.

Key Features:

-Full line of robot models, including 4-,5-,6-,7- and 15- axis; payload capacities up to 1000kg.

-Diverse, highly precise positioners including rotary and H-frame turntables, ferris wheels, headstocks/tailstocks, multi axis, rails, tracks and more.

-Specialised industrial drives and a wide range of powerful controllers

-Each model is compatible with one or more controller models, enabling you to program and control tasks of a single robot or coordinate multiple robots

-Supporting software’s to plan, program and optimise and maintain your solution.