Maxi Series 3 Cylinders Type TZ

We represent the Herrblitz range of pneumatic feeders, these feeders are simple and cost-effectively automate a large range of strip feeding requirements.

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Maxi Series 3 Cylinders – Type TZ

Simple installation – Herrblitz feeders are mounted directly onto the die sets with 2 mounting screws. The feeders are actuated by mechanical valve or pneumatic or electrical control.

Accurate – All Herrblitz feeders are fitted with pneumatic shock absorbers for maximum feed accuracy, at all speeds. Herrblitz feeders operate quietly and have low air consumption.

Compact – The feeder is a fully integrated unit with the only connections required to it being the air supply.

Technical Data (Type TZ)

TypeMax width strip [mm]Max stroke [mm]Strip tickness [mm]Cycles min.Pressure of fixed clamp [kg]Pressure of mobile clamp [kg]Traction force [kg]Air consup. [liters / min.]Weight [kg]


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