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FD-AR Arc Sensor

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The FD-AR system is a real-time robotic seam tracking sensor used to maintain optimal welding conditions. By measuring weld data via an arc tracking system, the FD-AR determines whether production welds are living up to their quality standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Weld tracking correction works on curved seams and in cases
    where heat distortion is dynamically moving the weld seam.
  • Applicable to workpieces with medium and greater thickness.
  • Eliminates issues with workpiece interference and service access that result from the mounting of peripheral equipment around the welding torch.
  • Simple & Easy operation
  • No additional torch components for easy maintenance
  • High-reliability and versatility
  • Good for mid to thick plate Mild-Steel/Stainless applications
  • Settings and controls in the Teaching Pendant are in a dedicated user-friendly menu
  • Easy to understand & easy to use



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