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NEW! FD19 Controller

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OTC FD19 Robot Controller has the limitless potential of extensive “connectivity”. The versatility to “connect” with facilities, devices and people.

Key Benefits:

  • Easily “connects” with peripheral equipment through simplified system configuration with high-performance built-in software PLC.
  • “Connects” from anywhere in the world for remote maintenance and support.
  • Expanded motion control via “connectable” external axis unit with built-in amplifier and external 2-axis unit.
  • Improved “connectivity” with welders, greatly improved synchronization with welders, simultaneous welding with multiple robots yields great improved quality.
  • Enhance your system by “connecting” commercial peripherals, such as 2D/3D vision system, offline teaching system and laser oscillator.

Additional information


440 mm x 542 mm x 640 mm (excluding projections)


54-57 kg

Ambient Temperature Range

0 to 45°C

Ambient Relative Humidity Range

20 to 80% RH

Power Supply

3-phase 200/220 VAC ±10%, 50/60 Hz

General Purpose Physical I/O

40 inputs, 40 outputs

Memory capacity

100 million steps ( by PTP instructions in a single mechanism)

Number of task programs




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