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Automate repetitive welding tasks with the Autoline Cobot welder, a safe and easy to program collaborative robot platform. A collaborative robot welder is a low-cost and effective way to get started with welding automation. It is a flexible automation solution that allows manufacturers to increase their capability quickly and easily.

The Autoline cobot welder ensures maximum flexibility, easy programming, and consistent high-quality welds, for a rapid return on your investment. For engineers that have low-volume, high-mix manufacturing, the Autoline Cobot is ideal. Being quick and easy to teach via the Doosan teach pendant makes automated welding of smaller batches economical. Also, you have the ability to adjust weld parameters and speed during the welding process using the teach pendant.

Our Cobot Welder is a configuration of reliable and proven technology with a Doosan Collaborative Robot and OTC Daihen Welding Hardware. This innovation is a combination of world-leading cobot, and welding technology manufacturers bought together by Autoline.

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Autoline Cobot Welder Doosan and OTC Daihen

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Doosan Model Collaborative Robot and Controller and OTC Daihen Welding Hardware.
  • Ability to adjust weld parameters and speed during the welding process.
  • Simply hand guide the robot arm for programming using the Doosan Cockpit.
  • Weld up to 2600mm in a straight line with the 1700mm reach model.
  • Smooth transitions between curved and straight paths.
  • Configuration of reliable and proven technology.
  • Suitable for welding aluminium, stainless, mild steel.
  • Low spatter pulse inverter welder options

  • Easy to maneuver and relocate around workshops.
  • Doosan Cobot Model A0912. Pictured with M1013.
  • Accommodates high-mix, low-volume production.
Autoline Cobot Welder Key Features

Autoline Cobot Welders’ In Action

Autoline Cobot Welder in Workshop

Cobot Welding in a General Engineering Shop

Autoline Cobot Welding Cell

Cobot Welding Solution for Furniture Manufacturer

Autoline Cobot Welding

Cobot Welding Solution for Fireplace Manufacturer