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OnRobot delivers a full line of plug-and-produce end-of-arm tooling (EoAT) for collaborative applications. The innovative grippers, sensors, and tool changers help manufacturers gain the full advantages of collaborative and lightweight industrial robots, including ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and safety alongside human workers.

The introduction of automation in the 20th century heavily shaped the industrial world and robots have been deployed in manufacturing for many years. Today, small, affordable collaborative robot arms and light industrial robots are once again revolutionizing the industrial world, giving manufacturers flexibility and increased productivity at a lower cost.

OnRobot EoAT solutions help small and mid-sized manufacturers optimize their processes and grow their businesses with greater flexibility, higher output and improved quality. Collaborative automation has leveled the playing field for small and mid-sized manufacturers, and as robots become easier to buy and implement, the tooling has become the vital element in adapting for a wide range of applications. Regardless of the robot brand, OnRobot provides compatibility and versatility beyond compare. It’s everything manufacturers need from one supplier, providing even more value from the automation investment.

OnRobot End of Arm Tooling by Autoline

OnRobot Products

OnRobot products open new possibilities for automating tasks that you never thought possible. Our cutting edge gripping and sensing systems for industrial automation let you easily design truly collaborative applications that enable your workforce to work side-by-side with collaborative robots on assembly, surface finishing, pick and place, machine tending or testing.

OnRobot Eyes

OnRobot Eyes

OnRobot Quick Changer

OnRobot Quick Changer

OnRobot RG6 Gripper

OnRobot Gripper

OnRobot VGP20 Gripper

OnRobot VGP20 Gripper

OnRobot Sander

OnRobot Sander

All The Tools You Need At One Place To Automate More.

The OnRobot product range features a wide assortment of tools and software for collaborative applications, including electric, vacuum and magnetic grippers, the award-winning Gecko gripping technology, force/torque sensors, a 2.5D vision system, screwdriver, sander kits and tool changers. Supported by the free, Learn OnRobot e-learning platform, OnRobot makes it easy to deploy collaborative automation on tasks such as packaging, quality control, materials handling, machine tending, assembly, and surface finishing regardless of skill level or previous robotics experience.


Why OnRobot?

Regardless of which process you want to improve, and which robot you prefer, the One System Solution helps you automate swiftly and seamlessly.

One Stop Shop for Collaborative Applications

All the tools you need at one place to automate more.

Multiple Tools, Robots and Applications

Save cost and increase productivity with flexible automation tools.

One System, Zero Complexity

Save time and grow your business fast with unified programming and easy deployment.

Yaskawa Robot OnRobot
OnRobot Sander Application
Yaskawa OnRobot Products

OnRobot Applications

OnRobot Machine Tending Application

Machine Tending

CNC, IMM, Press

OnRobot Material Handling Application

Material Handling

Transferring, Sorting, Packaging, Palletizing

OnRobot Material Removal Application

Material Removal

Deburring, Sanding, Polishing, Buffing, Drilling, Milling

OnRobot Quality Application


Measuring, Testing, Inspecting

OnRobot Assembly Application


Inserting, Mounting, Positioning, Screwdriving, Nutdriving

Robotics Enquiry

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