The Cobot of The Future


Doosan Robotics is a leading manufacturer of collaborative robots (cobots), which are robots designed to work side by side with humans without fences, allowing human workers and robots to perform their tasks in the most efficient way, and thus increasing productivity.

Doosan robots are capable of world class performances, demonstrated by a working radius of 900 to 1 700 millimeters, a load capacity of 6 to 25 kilograms, and sensitive collision detection sensors that ensure the safety of nearby workers. They are equipped with their own torque sensors on all six joints, providing the industry’s best collision sensitivity and carrying out more highly sophisticated tasks that previously required the dexterity of human hands.

Doosan Collaborative Robotics by Autoline

Doosan Robot Line Up

Almighty A-Series

A-SERIES can go anywhere! With its superior speed and cost-effectiveness, A-SERIES promises a simple solution and a satisfaction to whom may be hesitant to get a cobot.

  • A0509 – 5kg payload, 900mm reach
  • A0509s – 5kg payload, 900mm reach and extra torque sensor
  • A0912 – 9kg payload, 1200mm reach
  • A0912s – 9kg payload, 1200mm reach and extra torque sensor
Doosan Robotics A Series

Masterpiece M-Series

M-SERIES is the highest quality premium cobot! 6 high-tech torque sensors provide the highest dexterity for highly sophisticated tasks and ensure the upmost safety with the highest collision sensitivity.

  • M0609 – 6kg payload, 900mm reach
  • M1509 – 15kg payload, 900mm reach
  • M1013 – 10kg payload, 1300mm reach
  • M0617 – 6kg payload, 1700mm reach
Doosan Robotics M Series

High-Power H-Series

H-SERIES is the most powerful cobot in the market The outstanding 25 kg payload and 6-axis torque sensor are capable of performing precise and safe work.

  • H2017 – 20kg payload, 1700mm reach
  • H2515 – 25kg payload, 1500mm reach
Doosan Robotics H Series

The Ideal Automation Partner for Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Sensitive & Safe – Maximum safety to protect your team, machine, and robot
  • Talented & Skillful – Cutting-edge precision force control built for speed and accuracy
  • Reliable & Innovative –Lightweight, durable, and developed with innovative technology for easy control
  • Intuitive & Simple – Intuitive interface similar to smart devices that are easily operated by anyone

Doosan Robot Applications

Collaborative robots from Doosan Robotics can be applied to various production processes, from simple to precision tasks, and provide optimized solutions with a variety of lineups.

Doosan Robotics Packaging and Palletising Application

Packaging and Palletising

Quick product packaging and transporting tasks in electronic, material handling and plastic industry.

Doosan Welding Application


Welding parts like skilled welder by various paths with certain quality.

Doosan Robotics Machine Tending

Machine Tending

Feed the CNC machine and load/unload the subject into the pallet.

Doosan Robotics Pick and Place

Pick and Place

Simple loading/unloading work such as moving objects between tasks.

Doosan Robotics Assembly Application


Traditional assembly tasks like screw driving and gear assembling.

Doosan Heavy Object Handling Application

Heavy Object Handling

Traditional assembly tasks like screw driving and gear assembling.

Doosan Robotics Polishing and Deburring Application

Polishing and Deburring

Burr removal and surface polishing after processing.

Doosan Plastic Injection Application

Plastic Injection Support

Detaching item from mold of injection molding machine and loading onto/unloading from pallet.

Doosan Robotics Air Blowing Application

Air Blowing

Exterior cleaning of finished products or workpieces with spiral spray motion and multi-angle composite spray motion.

Doosan Robotics Gluing and Bonding Application

Gluing and Bonding

Spraying of consistent amount of adhesive for gluing and bonding.

Doosan Robotics Inspection Application


Inspecting internal/external defects and assembly quality.

Doosan Press Forming Application

Press Forming

Picking up panel for loading onto/unloading from press machine.

Autoline Doosan Cobot Welding
Autoline Doosan Machine Tending
Autoline Doosan Cobot Palletising

Doosan Cobot Features

Doosan Robotics Teach Pendant

Teach Pendant

User-friendly and ergonomic design for easy monitoring, control, and robot optimization.

Doosan Robotics Direct Control

Direct Control

Robot positioning and programming at your finger tips for fast tasking and adjusting.

Doosan Robotics Ultimate Safety

Ultimate Safety

All 6 joints are equipped with high sensitivity torque sensors to detect and avoid collisions eliminating the requirement for safety fences and zones.

Doosan Robotics Flexibility


With a payload range of up to 15 kg, a reach of up to 1,700 mm, and a base that can be mounted virtually anywhere, the cobot offers maximum flexibility in deployment, usage, and machine compatibility.

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