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Camtek Nucleo Fixing Design Software


Camtek Nucleo is an automated rapid weld fixture/crating design software to accelerate your welding processes by creating jigs and fixtures faster.

In today’s manufacturing environment, automation and cost-saving measures are necessary to stay competitive!

View the video to watch an online video presentation of Nucleo in action.

How it Works

Nucleo Fixture creates an interlocked grid of X and Y  fixture blades connected to a mating base plate from an imported solid CAD model. The top profile of each X or Y blade matches the underside of the component at the blade’s insertion position, creating a “cradle” into which the component is located. Nucleo Fixture includes a range of standard CAD translators and optional translators for most popular CAD systems. These include IGES, Solidworks, SolidEdge, IronCAD, Inventor DWG and DXF, CATIA, Pro Engineer, STEP and Unigraphics.

Easy to Use

Nucleo is extremely easy to use. Many of the core CAD functions are presented in an intuitive “Wizard” process so the learning curve is very short – on average, a few hours.

Once the details are entered, Nucleo calculates and annotates each blade so that they are easily referenced to the base plate.

Return on Investment

Compared to traditional fixture costs, Nucleo Fixture results in enough overall savings to pay for itself within a small number of fixture runs.

Companys have saved over $6700 in the first 3 months of use!

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