Robot Welding by OTC Daihen

With a wide range of high-performance products, customized services, and industry-leading support, OTC DAIHEN is your one-stop-shop for innovative welding and robotics solutions that maximise productivity. A global leader with operations spanning nearly every continent, OTC DAIHEN delivers best-in-class quality and reliability for customers of all sizes, spanning diverse industries.

Reliable. Repeatable. Clean

That is the OTC Daihen Single-Source Solution.

OTC Daihen single-source approach is simple: they provide all the equipment needed for robotic or manual arc welding. Robot, welding power source, wire feeder, torch and all the know-how to put it together and apply it to your toughest welding challenges. Eliminate the finger-pointing between the robot company, the welder company and the torch company by making it a single-source selection.

Autoline is proud to represent global leader, OTC Daihen in New Zealand.

OTC Daihen Robot Welding Product Line Up

Manual welding is one of the most common operations in manufacturing and is a constraining, repetitive task which can result in staff turnover and associated costs. Automating this operation with an OTC Daihen welding robot system will allow you to maximise you capacity. A robot can be welding a part while the previous part is being unloaded and new components reloaded, significantly reducing downtime. It eliminates the challenge of finding skilled welders, reduces labor costs and improves efficiency. Welders are like artists. They don’t enjoy welding hundreds of small or simple parts each week, they want to work on larger and more complex weldments. There are many benefits of Robotic welding, such as reducing production lead times, delivering consistent quality and a sustained return on investment through cost reduction and added value.

OTC Daihen Product Line Up

Keeping it all together with one seamless system.

The OTC Daihen lineup features the most advanced welding products in the world, while the user-friendly features and interfaces enable both experienced and novice welders to achieve outstanding quality, consistency, and efficiency.


Automate your processes for faster, better results.

OTC Daihen Welding Robot

Power Sources

Powered by nanotechnology, for precise welds.

OTC Daihen Welding Power Sources

Welding Cells

Pre-engineered to plug and play with your operation.

OTC Daihen Pre Engineered Cells


Add an extra dimension of depth to your system for optimal weld positioning.

OTC Daihen Positioners


Offline programming and remote support software.

OTC Daihen Software


High precision sensing for work piece position detection.

OTC Daihen Sensing Solutions


Robot tips, nozzles, liners and spare parts for robots.

OTC Daihen Robot Consumables

OTC Daihen in New Zealand

Autoline delivers high-performance OTC Daihen welding robotics in New Zealand. We are able to integrate OTC Daihen robots, positioners, welding power sources, software and sensors into a complete automated welding solution that increases your productivity from your labour force and reduce waste and rework through the consistent quality of production.

OTC robots are the top-rated for automating welding operations in any type of manufacturing environment in a wide range of industries. We understand that each manufacturing facility has unique requirements and therefore needs a custom automated robotic welding solution. OTC Daihen uses cutting edge robotics and technology to deliver complete automated welding solutions. You can rely on an OTC Daihen robot for higher quality results, lower health and safety risks, superior reliability and greater consistency.

We bring you the tested and trusted robotic welding products of OTC Daihen. These products are the most advanced welding robots that deliver outstanding consistency, efficiency and quality. The interfaces and features of each product make it easy for both novice and experienced welders to achieve the desired results. OTC Daihen is a name that brings innovations to take welding and automation technology to the next level.


OTC Daihen Robot Welding Cell by Autoline
OTC Daihen Robot Welding Cell by Autoline

Greater Consistency. Superior Reliability. Lower Risk. Higher Quality

OTC Daihen has always been a pioneer in advancing welding and automation technology, bringing numerous innovations to the industry such as:

  • Synchromotion – Multiple units (robots and positioners) moving together in coordination.
  • Constant Arc On – Revolutionary design to maintain a solid arc for AC MIG welding.
  • Synchro Short Pulse Control – Waveform control enabling rapid welding with no spatter.
  • Retract Start Control – Enabling instant arc starts for robotic aluminum MIG welding.
  • One Knob Control – Adjusting the welding voltage and current at the same time.
  • Wave Pulse – Creating high-speed TIG-like weld beads with pulse MIG welding equipment.

OTC Daihen Testimonials

One Company

OTC Daihen provides everything fabricators need for manual welding and robotic welding systems. Complete solutions that that include torches, wire feeders, welding power sources, robots, advanced know-how, and all the supporting components necessary to make this advanced fabrication technology produce for your and your company.

Simple Solutions

OTC Daihen makes it all, so you can rest assured that it will go together easily and work every time you rely on it for your production fabrication needs.

Cleaner Welds

OTC Daihen continues to advance our welding technology because your requirements and the requirements of the entire fabrication industry continue to change. As we expand the capabilities of our products to meet these growing demands, we continue to lead the industry in weld process technology. The seamless integration of robotics and automated welding applications eliminates our mutual enemy: weld spatter.

Robot Operator Training and Servicing

Robot Operator Training

Robot Servicing

OTC Daihen Online Training Academy

Due to ongoing requests from our customers we have collated a selection of YouTube videos that are an excellent training resource, we trust you will find these useful.

If you find other content or have suggestions of training videos you would like us to create and would be beneficial to the Online Training Academy we would love to hear from you. Please note, many of these videos are available on the public domain and copyright remains the property of the copyright holders. These are available free of charge.

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