Autoline’s Complete Conveyor Solutions Impress

Customer: IML Plastics

Supplier: Conveyors by Autoline

When IML Plastics started looking for some replacement conveyors six years ago, they decided to work with Autoline. Impressed with Autoline’s tidier, safer and more streamlined conveyor designs, the plastic packaging company hasn’t looked back.

IML Plastics is a leading New Zealand owned and operated plastics packaging business, which specialises in the production of injection and blow moulded products.

While the company has used conveyors for accumulation at the end of the production process for many years, Autoline’s design was a level up on their previous conveyors, IML Plastics production engineer Mike Bool says.

“We’d previously used conveyor belts constructed of steel, with an exterior motor and gearbox. But with Autoline’s conveyors, the motordrive is inside the conveyor belt, making it tidier and a much safer option to work around,” Mike says.

Mike sent some rudimentary sketches to Autoline, and was impressed with the design they came back with.

“The whole process was very quick, very easy and the streamlined design was ideal for our requirements,” he says.

“The extruded aluminium profile makes it very easy for us to modify, such as adding guide rails, making it very simple to use and very versatile.”

Autoline has been “amazing” to work with over the years, Mark says.

“The conveyors are basically maintenance free, we’ve never had any issues and when something does need replacing, Autoline is quick to get the parts needed. They have truly been fantastic to work with.”


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