Cobot Welder Speeds up Manufacturing Process

Customer: Luge Cart World

Supplier: Cobot Welder by Autoline

Investing in a Cobot welder from Autoline, enabled Luge Cart World to innovate, speed up their manufacturing process and ramp up their competitive advantage.

Based in one of the most adventurous nations in the world – New Zealand – Luge Cart World is a world-class provider of luge carts, safety barriers and return systems, as well as consultancy, infrastructure, planning and track design.

Luge Cart World chairman Les Osbourne says they were previously outsourcing all their welding and started looking into Cobot welders as a way to make the business more efficient.

Far from slowing down the process, bringing the welding in-house has been far more efficient than outsourcing it, Les says.

“Not only has it sped up our manufacturing process, it gives us far more control over production management, which saves us time and ultimately, saves us money.”

Collaborative welding robots (Cobots) are a low cost and effective way to get started with welding automation, allowing manufacturers to increase capability quickly and easily.

After some initial training provided by Autoline, and a bit of an adjustment period as the team got up to speed with the machine, Luge Cart World has found the Cobot very easy to operate, Les says.

Engineering firms that have low-volume, high-mix manufacturing, such as Luge Cart World, will find Cobots to be an extremely cost-effective solution.

“It was definitely worth the investment,” Les says. “The Cobot welder is a valuable asset.”


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