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Metal Concepts

Customer: Metal Concepts

Supplier: OTC Daihen by Autoline

The Challenge

The essential requirement for high-quality steel fabricator Metal Concepts to be competitive as a small innovative company led their management to invest in automated equipment wherever possible.

The Solution

All repetitive welding tasks were automated using a single OTC robotic welding cell incorporating an OTC welding power supply. The robotic cell uses a full jigging system by Demmeler.

The Outcome

Formed in 2006 as an amalgamation of PSM Industries and Architectural Systems, Metal Concepts now employs a highly skilled workforce of 35 using state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Robotic welding works smoothly and efficiently beside CNC press brakes and an automated CNC turret punch. Metal work for both the construction and architectural fields is the prime focus. See

Customer Feedback

Metal Concepts operations manager Gary Thompson has advised.

  • We can achieve job changes easily and quickly.
  • Precision cutting and accurate jigging have paired with the +/-0.07mm repeatability of our OTC robot system.
  • Our work quality is consistently exceptional.
  • We have investigated using robotics on several repetitive manual non-welding tasks. We know that labour costs reductions and high-quality outcomes will be guaranteed.
  • These days we would not consider using manual welding on any repetitive work knowing that robotics maintain high quality every day while substantially increasing productivity.


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