Autoline’s Modular Guarding Solution Reduces Workplace Harm


Customer: Taranakipine

Supplier: SlotPro Modular Guarding by Autoline

Autoline’s modular guarding solution reduces workplace harm

Autoline’s SlotPro 1Guard modular guarding is a highly effective and easy-to-use solution for keeping staff safe on the factory floor, says Taranakipine procurement manager Jeff Honeyfield.

Taranakipine is a privately owned business based in New Plymouth that processes Radiata Pine sourced from sustainably managed, renewable plantation forests. The company is a leader in value-added premium timber construction products for New Zealand and export markets.

Jeff says the health and safety of staff is a key concern for the company, which is continually working to identify and manage potential risks in the workplace.

“We needed a safety barrier to protect our employees from the hazardous machinery in the sawmill and production areas and Autoline’s 1 Guard system has been an excellent solution,” Jeff says.

“It’s easy to assemble, looks good, is highly adaptable and most importantly has helped us achieve our goal of reducing harm and keeping employees safe.”

Taranakipine has more recently installed 1Guard safety gates as well, which automatically cut off power to hazardous equipment when opened, providing a fail-safe measure for protecting staff.

The modular safety barrier solution, is created using Autoline’s innovative aluminium profile system SlotPro – fully customisable extruded aluminium profile systems for use in manufacturing production lines.

“Autoline has been great to work with over the years,” Jeff says. “We send our order away, they provide us with the parts we need and one of our staff members assembles it.

“I’d definitely recommend Autoline to anyone looking for safety barrier solutions in their workplace.”


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