Robotic Welding Solution For Heavy Machinery Component Manufacturing


  • 1x OTC Daihen FD-B6L Through-Arm, Long-Reach Arc Welding Robot with FD19 Robot Controller and Teach Pendant
  • 1x OTC Daihen Welbee P500L Welding Power Source + 500A Water Cooled Torch and Water Cooler
  • 2x OTC Daihen 1PC1000 Positioner Headstock
  • 2x OTC Daihen 2PF1000 Turn/Tilt Positioner
  • 1x Autoline Servo Controller Robot Slider, 5000mm Travel
  • 1x Tip Cleaning Station
  • OTC Daihen Multipass and Synchromotion Welding Software
  • Laser Touch Sensing
  • Safety Componentry
  • 1Guard Modular Guarding Perimeter Fencing

Date: November 2022

Brand: OTC Daihen

Application: Welding Excavator Attachments.


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