Smelter Super Structure Cell Repair

(Replacement of 20 year old Motoman robots)


  • 2x Yaskawa Motoman GP280 Robot with YRC1000 Robot Controller and Teach Pendant
  • 2x OTC Daihen Welbee P500L Welding Power Source
  • 2x OTC Daihen Manual Welding with Auto Handover
  • 2x Milling Systems
  • 2x Cutting Lubricant Systems
  • 2D Laser Scanning
  • Custom Built HMI system
  • 1x Tip Cleaning Station
  • 1x Safety guarding and interlocking system for cell access using RFID tags

Date: October 2020

Brand: Yaskawa Motoman

Application: Smelter Super Structure Cell Repair. Premill of face to prepare for welding, welding of face to build up and then precision machining back of face.

Then and Now

Carbines Engineering Super Cell Welding RobotAutoline Super Cell Welding Robot
Carbines Engineering Robot Welding CellAutoline Super Cell Robot Welding Cell


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