Robotic Material Removal

Robots are the perfect choice for many cutting applications. Whether laser, plasma or water jet cutting, these processes make it possible to cut the complex contours of a wide variety of parts, providing a highly flexible operation.

Yaskawa Motoman has a robust, application-specific cutting robots designed with the rigidity needed for material removal applications. The robot system’s excellent accuracy and path following capabilities provides consistently accurate results in 3D, with greater flexibility than found in many other cutting machines. A single MOTOMAN robot system can also be used for several tasks such as cutting, welding and post-processing, which reduces the overall cycle time and quickly increases productivity.


  • Improved productivity
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced scrap
  • Reduced dependence on manual labour
  • Creates a safer working environment
Yaskawa Trimming and Cutting Brochure

Industrial Grinding

Grinding applications typically mean bringing parts to a grinder or sander and holding the parts precisely or moving along a specified path. We have a wide range of robots for larger parts. The HP-series robots have the payload capacity for handling large parts and are a parallel link design, which is very stiff for demanding high pressure grinding applications.

Finishing & Polishing

For finishing and polishing applications, the parts are frequently smaller. For these applications, robots from our GP Series are a good choice for the task. These high performance, durable robots are ideal for these applications. For part to process tasks with larger parts, the MH215 or MH250 are good choices.

Waterjet Cutting

Robotics can improve accuracy and cycle times, particularly in waterjet cutting applications where improving the time handling the material is critical to achieving the average time between the start of production of one unit and the start of production of the next unit.

Laser & Plasma Cutting

This robotic process requires a powerful high-speed robot with high-rigidity and precision drives.

Cutting and Trimming


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