Yaskawa Robot Welding

MOTOMAN features special welding robots, high quality positioners and gantry systems as well as state-of-the-art customer-specific solutions.

The unparalleled multi-robot technology by MOTOMAN, which fully synchronises up to 8 robots (or up to 72 axes) via a controller, provides many benefits to users:

Reduced weld distortion, shorter cycle time and programming time and the option for jigless welding, higher efficiency and a very flexible welding system.

The industrial robots are equipped with an integrated hose package routed through the upper arm and head axes. This not only ensures better access to fixtures but also extends the life of the hose packages considerably.


  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved and consistent quality
  • Reduced dependence on manual labour
OTC Daihen Welding Robot Brochure

Yaskawa Motoman industrial robots. Robot systems and solutions for almost every industry and robotic application. Robotic Automation products to increase efficiency, quality, productivity and return on investment.

With a full range of robots from 2kg to 800kg payloads, Yaskawa make the applications for robotics endless. Yaskawa Motoman offers exceptional products and components – including turnkey integrated work cells and completely customised automation solutions delivering unparalleled efficiency, quality, consistency and productivity.

Key Features:

  • Full line of robot models, including 4-,5-,6-,7- and 15- axis; payload capacities up to 1000kg.
  • Diverse, highly precise positioners including rotary and H-frame turntables, ferris wheels, headstocks/tailstocks, multi axis, rails, tracks and more.
  • Specialised industrial drives and a wide range of powerful controllers
  • Each model is compatible with one or more controller models, enabling you to program and control tasks of a single robot or coordinate multiple robots
  • Supporting software’s to plan, program and optimise and maintain your solution.


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