SlotPro T-Slot Aluminium Profile Autoline Automation Ltd brings you the unparalleled quality of aluminium T-slot profile system. You can easily process and assemble. Grab a 5mm Hex key to tighten and you will assemble an aluminium T-slot profile system pretty quickly. You can also modify and reuse it anytime you want. This is a much better option in many applications as compared to welded steel.

Aluminium extrusion T slot is a perfect choice for the following reasons:
  • Strength
  • Lightness
  • Formability
  • High ductility
  • Excellent corrosion-resistance
With SlotPro aluminium extrusions T slot profile, you can efficiently build fast and strong. Aluminum Extrusions T Slot Advantages Aluminium is an impressive material that is used for the fabrication of a wide range of structures in homes and workplaces. The cost-effective extraction of this metal also makes aluminium a common material for many day-to-day applications. With T-slot aluminium, you can build a highly reliable framing system to assemble 3-D structures. Aluminum Extrusions T Slot provides you with the following advantages:
  • Strength No doubt that steel is strong and hard but aluminium is one of the lightest metals. For this reason, aluminium is ideal for many modern engineering applications. The molecular density of aluminium is one-third of steel’s molecular density. This is why it has a superior strength-to-weight ratio as compared to steel. Extruded aluminium has the strength required for assembly applications.
  • Durability Airlines and even combat vehicles use aluminium. Its toughness makes it ideal for everyday applications. Aluminium resists rusting. There is no need to paint your aluminium T slot extrusion or any other aluminium part of your structure.
  • Versatility The modular design of T-slot aluminium extrusions means it is easy to make changes. You can position and connect SlotPro aluminium profiles exactly the way you want. It is easy to readjust and rearrange.
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