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End of line robotic palletising systems provide flexibility to palletise single or multiple production lines simultaneously. This dual adaption reduces costs while also increasing your productivity and manufacturing capacity.

In a robotic palletising system, products often enter the palletising station from an infeed conveyor. The robot is programmed to stack products onto the pallet in a defined pattern. Palletising cells are sometimes configured with pallet dispensers, slip sheet insertion tools and shrink-wrapping stations to automate the palletisation process completely.

Palletising continues to be one of the fastest-growing robotic applications. Robots offer superior speed and safety, compared to manual palletising. There are also flexible and often more space-saving, compared to fixed machinery.

Key Benefits of Robotic Palletising:

  • Increased productivity and throughput
  • Single or multiple lines palletized simultaneously
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Production flexibility increases
  • Reduced workplace health and safety risks
  • Reduction in damage to boxes and products.

Yaskawa offers palletising robot models with excellent speed and payload combinations, stacking heights and simple-to-integrate controllers, vision and other software products. The Yaskawa palletising robots range from 50kg to 800kg payload. With this wide range of payload capacity, you can pick a single case or an entire layer for stacking and breaking down pallet loads.

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Doosan Robotics offers heavy-duty collaborative robot models with excellent payload and reach combinations, bringing a safe work environment for heavy object stacking and palletising. Doosan cobots have five workspace settings to fully protect the operator and improve work efficiency when palletizing and collaborating with humans.

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Robot palletising can be installed with either an industrial or a collaborative robot, depending on your payload and speed requirements.

Contact Autoline today to discuss your palletizing robot application, and find out how you can optimise your end-of-line packing process and reduce labour costs with robotic palletising.

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