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Sinfonia Controller C10-4DM

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Key Benefits:

  • Simple and easy start-up
    Stroke sensor gain adjustment is not required. Just by selecting a drive unit model at the initial setting stage, necessary parameters are set automatically.
  • Easy operation 
    ‘Selection Dial’ and ‘Setting Encoder’ allow anyone to operate easily.
  • Save more space 
    This controller has the same dimensions as C10-5VF/5VFEF and the footprint is reduced by 36% from the previous model.
  • Easy Writing 
    Between a driving unit and a controller are connected by connectors.
  • Energy-saving auto-tuning
    Auto tuning function reduces power consumption by tracking the resonance point and keeping vibration frequency on it continuously.
  • Electronic control gives optimal vibration 
    Electronic control of horizontal/vertical amplitudes and phase differences provides ideal vibration characteristics for any type of workpiece.

Sinfonia Controller C10-4DM



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