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FD-QD Quick Detect Laser Search

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The FD-QD (Quick Detect) is a 3D laser search system that boosts your productivity by recognizing problems before they occur. This incredible system shifts its taught programs to match the actual location of the workpieces – even with difficult joints. FD-QD is well suited for a variety of applications, including standard MIG, TIG, and air plasma cutting.

FD-QD can switch the welding condition automatically, according to the detected gap. Response time is blazing fast – FD-QD can search at speeds of up to 200cm/min. FD-QD is ideal for thin plate applications that can not be monitored by a touch sensor. All search parameters are set via the teach pendant. Laser detection provides quick sensing with the highest degree of accuracy.

Key Benefits:

  • Faster and more accurate than a touch sensor.
  • Can accommodate high accuracy for a wide range of applications from thin plate to medium thickness plate.
  • Can be used for applications other than welding.
  • Allows users to visually confirm the recognition result while using a teach pendent.
  • Enables automatic change of the welding condition based on the recognition result.
  • Allows recognition of various welding joints with easy operation.
  • Full operation via teaching pendant
  • Unique concept sensing system with better versatility for deviation detection
  • Fully integrated functions developed by DAIHEN



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