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FD-QT Laser Tracking Sensor

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The FD-QT system features a high-end laser sensor with real-time seam tracking. Used for compensating for gaps, part distortion, inconsistencies, tacks and other small defects with extreme accuracy and rapid feedback. The FD-QT system has a lot of flexibility and can be used in a wide variety of applications.

FD-QT can automatically detect the tracking, start, and endpoints of welding. Additionally, since the FD-QT sensor processes data in realtime, no additional time is required for checking parts, leaving cycle times unaffected.

Productivity and Welding Quality Up – During welding torch position, angle and welding conditions can be adjusted automatically based on detected welding position and gap, to prevent faulty welding:

  • Senses position and gap amount changes during welding
  • Automatically adjusts torch position, angle and welding conditions

Sensor System for Arc Welding Developed by Daihen:

  • Improved environment resistance and reliability
  • Speedy maintenance when a malfunction occurs

Shorter Teaching Time – One teaching program suffices for parts of varying length as welding start and end points are automatically detected:

  • Automatic sensing of start point and end point
  • Different length welding also accommodated with 1 program

Simple Teaching:

  • 100% hand held operation with just the teaching pendant
  • PC operation not required

Adaptive Welding Function For High Precision Welding – For best welding results, the FD-QT sensor utilizes an optional adaptive welding function that modifies the welding conditions (welding current, voltage, speed) as needed – all in real time:

  • Designed for harsh arc welding environments
  • Compact design and easy maintenance
  • Dedicated menu provides user-friendly interface and easy-to-use operation via the teach pendant
  • Advanced 3D tracking technologies provide stable and accurate tracking results
  • Full support for all equipment (Robot, Welder and Sensor) from OTC DAIHEN



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