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Welbee Co-R is a welding application that enables the connection between the widespread collaborative robot and the Welbee series, the highest model of Daihen.
The torch mount and robot software specialized for welding work by collaborative robots support the introduction of robots at welding sites. Welbee Co-R, which is packed with Daihen’s know-how, proposes a new form of welding automation.

Certified as a peripheral device platform for Universal Robots (UR).

Cobot brands also include: Doosan Robotics, TM, Omron

Key Benefits:

  • Welding conditions can be adjusted in real-time – Welding conditions can be set not only from the robot’s TP, but also with the welding remote control.
    Since the advantage of being able to work nearby even while the collaborative robot is in operation, you can see the arc near the robot, but at that time you can set conditions with the familiar welding remote control, so it feels like semi-automatic welding. Welding work can be performed by a robot.
  • Easy teaching by the direct operation of the robot arm – The torch mount prepared exclusively for the collaborative robot is equipped with a handle so that the teaching method (direct teaching) can be easily performed in which the robot arm is directly grasped and moved by hand to learn the operation.
    In addition, the lock release switch required for moving the robot arm by hand is attached to the upper part of the handle, and no TP unlock command is required! Since one hand is not blocked by the TP operation, the robot arm can be moved with both hands, achieving higher operability.
  • Easy program creation – Welding conditions can be set on one page and can be operated intuitively. In addition, since the commands required for welding are prepared in advance, anyone can easily create a program.

Additional information

Welding Machine

WB-P350L/P500L, WB-P350, WB-M350L, WB-M350/M500

Wire Feeder

For Iron: CM-7403, For Low Spatter: CMV-7403, For Aluminium: CMA-7403

Torch Mount


Cobot Connectuion Kit


Remote Control for Welding Machine

Mobile remote control (E-2642) / Analog remote control (K5416S00)



Ethernet Communication Cable

Please prepare according to the distance between the control device of the collaborative robot and the welding machine


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