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The ROTA-ARC series incorporates a compact design is ideal for complex parts in small spaces. It is effective at reducing your cycle times and overhead costs with a 6 sec. average index time and smaller footprint.

The ROTA-ARC series supports configurations of 1 and 2 arc-welding robots.

The ROTA-ARC 1000 supports a payload of 1000kg per side with a 1500mm span on each headstock/tailstock combo.


The 3-axis, H-frame design supports Synchro-motion welding on one side while the operator loads parts on the opposite side.

  • Adopts maintenance-free AC servo motors and absolute encoders
  • Tailstock comes with a through hole for easy electrical and pneumatic routing
  • Dedicated current collector and welding cable connecting terminals
  • Integrated control enables teaching both robot(s) and positioners with synchronized motions

The design has a similar indexing concept to the turntable cell but allows you to weld heavier, more complex parts.

The ROTA-ARC 1000 is designed for a heavier payload per side and station specific loading, un-loading, and welding. The open load station provides crane access for heavier payloads. It is also designed for smaller length parts than the TRI-ARC 1000 allowing a more compact design for a smaller footprint.



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