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Welbee II M350 DC Multi-Process Welding Power Source


The 350A inverter-based weld power source is the standard welding supply for high-quality welding in any situation.  This Welbee II M350 multipurpose unit is well suited for general welding application requiring significant improvement in arc stability in the range of low to high electric currents, while delivering a beautiful weld bead with a uniform bead end and less voltage fluctuation, even during high-speed welding.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimum welding current control depending on intended use(Standard Mode – High Speed Mode – Extension Cable Mode)
  • Incredible arc stability from low to high current range
  • Uniform and beautiful bead appearance with low spatter
  • Digital Turbo Start and End Pulse function provide excellent arc starts

Additional information

Rated Frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated Input Voltage

208/230V, 460V

Rated Output Current


Rated Duty Cycle



395mm x 710mm x 810mm


83 kg



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