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Welbee II M500 DC Multi-process Welding Power Source


Our 500A inverter-based weld power source is for high quality welding in any situation at 100% duty cycle.  This Welbee II M500 unit provides significant improvement in arc stability in the range of low to high electric currents, and delivers a beautiful weld bead with a uniform bead end and less voltage fluctuation, even during high-speed welding.

Key Benefits:

  • Optimum welding current control depending on intended use (Standard Mode – High Speed Mode – Extension Cable Mode)
  • High duty cycle for high output and automated applications
  • Uniform and beautiful bead appearance with low spatter
  • Digital Turbo Start and End Pulse function provide excellent arc starts

Additional information

Rated Frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated Input Voltage

460 V

Rated Output Current

500 A

Rated Duty Cycle



395mm x 710mm x 810mm


77 kg



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