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The six-axis MOTOMAN AR1440 robot provides fast and accurate performance to achieve optimal results in extremely difficult conditions and especially for the high demands of arc welding applications.

With a payload of up to 12 kg, its wire feed system, maximum working range of 1440 mm, and integrated media hose package, this robot enables simple machining of bulky and hard-to-access workpieces with high-quality results. Furthermore, the slim design allows high-density robot placement in confined spaces.

The fast motion sequences of the MOTOMAN AR1440 robot reduce welding cycle times and the hollow wrist of 50 mm
allows integrated torch cabling in the robot arm in order to avoid collisions with the workpiece or other robots.

The integration of the power cable and the air connections in the base enable an enlarged turning range of more than 340°.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast motion sequences
  • Wide motion range
  • High path accuracy
  • High-density placement due to slim design
  • Integrated cabling avoids interferences


Additional information

Controlled Axes



6 kg

Max Working Range

1440 mm


0.06 mm


150 kg

Power Supply

1.5 KVA

S Axis

260 º/sec

L Axis

230 º/sec

U Axis

260 º/sec

R Axis

470 º/sec

B Axis

470 º/sec

T Axis

700 º/sec



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