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The MOTOMAN HC30PL is a human-collaborative robot with a superior payload of 30 kg. It provides a reach (S/L-Axis center of rotation to R/T-Axis center of rotation) of 1,700 mm.

This cobot is perfect for collaborative fenceless palletizing installations, combining safe operation and high speed.

Specifications like high IP67 (dust/liquid proof) protection rating, food grade grease lubrication in all joints, and a a special drip proof coating allows the cobot to be used in certain food related applications.

The MOTOMAN HC30PL can be operated and programmed using hand guiding, standard teach pendant or the intuitive Smart Pendant. For particularly efficient programming via hand guiding, it has Direct Teach buttons on the wrist that can be used to accept taught positions immediately without having to confirm them on the teach pendant. This reduces programming times and makes it suitable for both professional system integrators and newbies. Many safety functions, e.g. automatic retraction from a clamping situation, or simply pushing the cobot away with resumption of movement, distinguish it as a professional collaborative robot.

The MOTOMAN HC30PL is switchable between safely monitored operation and full power and speed, with this mixed operation (hybrid robot) it achieves very good cycle times. Media cables for the supply of grippers or tools are pre-routed in the arm and are led out at the wrist, so that in many cases bulky external cable packages are not required.

Additional information

Controlled Axes



30 kg

Max Working Range

1700/1600 mm


0.05 mm


140 kg

Power Supply

1.5 KVA

S Axis

80 º/sec

L Axis

80 º/sec

U Axis

120 º/sec

R Axis

130 º/sec

B Axis

180 º/sec

T Axis

180 º/sec



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