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  • Is robotic automation a good investment for your company?
  • Is your current process a bottleneck to your production?

Don’t rely on a single figure to make your business decision.
Get the full picture by comparing your existing labor, overhead, and consumable costs to the cost of a robotic solution.

We will calculate your Return on Investment and costs for free to show you how robotic automation could positively impact your production and help you grow your business.

Doosan Cobot Palletising

A typical robotic solution pays for itself quickly as you gain consistency and efficiency in production, year after year.

We have conducted extensive research on production costs for many applications and industries and can demonstrate these savings quickly and accurately. Key factors we consider are overhead and labour costs, productivity, consumable costs, and current process. Based on this, we have developed a program that calculates the ROI time and estimated savings for your investment.

From our weld cost analysis studies, the following are a few general observations that apply to Robot Welding:

  1. Shielding gas cost typically has a very small impact on the overall cost.
  2. Filler metal cost has a variable impact on the overall cost.
  3. Labor & overhead have a huge impact on overall costs.
  4. Daily and annual savings speak the most.
  5. Learn more than just your weld cost.
OTC Daihen Robot Welding

If you’re ready to start your robotic automation journey, whatever your application may be, it’s time to get in touch with New Zealand’s Robotic Automation experts.

Our free ROI cost analysis is a great place to start, helping you understand what you could expect to invest and what the return will be compared to your current process.

Build a business case, make a good decision, and back it up with the facts.