Autoline have developed a heavy duty collaborative robot palletiser, which is now possible with the Doosan H2017 and 2515 model cobots with payloads up to 25kg.

  • Program different pallet configurations with offline programming software.
  • Simply hand guide the robot arm for programming using the Doosan Cockpit.
  • Various end of arm tooling options to suit your palletising application with the range of OnRobot grippers.
  • Palletise two 1200mm x 1000mm pallets on either side.
  • Insert layer boards automatically.
  • Pick multiple boxes per movement for increased speed.
  • Compact collaborative end of line packing solution with intelligent safety for operator protection.
  • Simple single-phase supply.
  • Payload up to 25kg.
  • Doosan H2017 Model Robot – 1700mm reach and 20kg payload.
  • Doosan H2515 Model Robot – 1500mm reach and 25kg payload.

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