Doosan Collaborative Robots Revolutionize your manufacturing process with Doosan collaborative robots. Doosan makes the smartest and safest cobots that are also very flexible. Your workers and Doosan cobot welding or any other Doosan collaborative robots work side-by-side without any safety issues. You don’t need any safety guarding and you can use your Doosan cobot for a wide range of applications.

Doosan offers the following series of robots:
  • A Series
  • M Series
  • H Series
These robots can virtually handle all tasks such as material handling, manufacturing, processing and packaging. You can use Doosan collaborative robots for inspection as well. These robots have torque sensing on joints. As a result, they have impressive collision detection capabilities. Considering the size and flexibility of a Doosan collaborative robot, you don’t need to make any significant changes in your production environment. Autoline Automation Ltd is a leading supplier of Doosan in NZ. We sell every model of every series of Doosan in NZ. Doosan has developed some of the most efficient and user-friendly collaborative robots. Doosan Robotics has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award back to back in 2017 and 2018. A Series If you are looking for an entry level cobot then you can pick a model from A-Series of Doosan cobot. These models are ideal for manufacturers who want to switch to collaborative robotic automation. A-series is the best option for manufacturers who want to automate some of their operations. These Doosan cobots are simple and cost-effective. A-series has the following models:
  • A0509 - 5kg payload, 900mm reach
  • A0509s - 5kg payload, 900mm reach and extra torque sensor
  • A0912 - 9kg payload, 1200mm reach
  • A0912s - 9kg payload, 1200mm reach and extra torque sensor
M Series Doosan Robotics develops this series of cobots to address the needs of manufacturers looking for well-rounded cobots. M-Series cobots are suitable for automating a wide range of operations. M-series has the following models:
  • M0609 - 6kg payload, 900mm reach
  • M1509 - 15kg payload, 900mm reach
  • M1013 - 10kg payload, 1300mm reach
  • M0617 - 6kg payload, 1700mm reach
H Series This is a high power series by Doosan Robotics. This series has the most powerful cobots in the industry. This series focuses on Doosan cobot palletising, machine tending, and handling heavy objects. H-Series has the following models:
  • H2017 - 20kg payload, 1700mm reach
  • H2515 - 25kg payload, 1500mm reach