What are benefits of Robotic Welding? Well there is lots but here are the top four benefits of robotic welding we have identified.

1. LABOUR SAVINGS: A robot does not tire or take sick days. You can count on consistent and regular output from one of our welding robots. In a typical welding robot application on of our robots will do the equivalent output of 3-4 full time employees. A robot’s extreme accuracy and repeatability also leads to quicker welding times.

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2. QUALITY: Perfection is not achievable with an operator welding repeated parts and will always result in some type of inconsistency. With robotic welding, you will greatly reduce the need for rework as being programmed correctly, there is absolute certainty the welds will be high quality.

3. CONSUMABLE COST SAVINGS: After labour one of the largest costs in any welding department are consumables. Our robots know exactly when to stop welding and when to move on, without overusing these materials. Typically a welding robot will save approximately 15% on welding gas and wire consumables.

4. SAFETY: The safer we keep our workers, the more productive they will be. A welding robot operator is more separated from the welding fumes and arc. This results in less exposure to hazardous risks for your employees.