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Autoline specialises in robotic welding for the manufacturing industry, bringing world-leading robot brands and the latest welding technologies to New Zealand. “We are your one-stop-shop for all things robotic welding,” says Matthew Fisher, managing director of Autoline.

“We are a single-source robot welding solutions provider, which means we supply everything manufacturers need for robotic welding systems.” Autoline supplies robot manipulators, welding power sources, wire feeders, torches, and consumables, plus robot operator training and service and support are included in the company’s complete robot welding solutions to make this advanced manufacturing technology deliver for you and your company.

NZ's Only Single Source Robot Welding Supplier

Manual welding is a process that is dull, dirty and has a high degree of repetitive motion injuries, says Fisher. With the technology that is available today, welding processes that are performed manually can be performed with robotic automation. The investment of robotic welding helps manufacturers to overcome the labour shortage, and demands for increased production and provides consistent high-quality welds.

Industrial Robot vs Collaborative Robot Welding

Industrial robots are high performers, they will typically be as productive as approximately four manual welding team members, whilst also

increasing quality and consistency. “They are a valuable investment that will reduce production costs for welding companies that deal with high volume production welding, requiring high speed and accuracy.”

Fisher says a collaborative robot welder is a cost-effective way to get started with welding automation. It is a flexible solution that allows manufacturers to increase their capability quickly and easily when welding low-volume, high-mix components.

“From industrial robot welding to collaborative robot welding systems, Autoline can offer a solution to meet your welding requirements. Whether it be heavy duty welding or welding small parts, MIG or Aluminium welding, our systems can be customised to suit.

“Talk to the robotic welding experts today,” adds Fisher.

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Yaskawa Robot Welding Cell
Yaskawa Robot Welding Cell