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Doosan Robotics offers heavy-duty collaborative robot models with excellent payload and reach combinations, bringing a safe work environment for heavy object stacking and palletising.

Doosan H Series Collaborative Robots are the most powerful cobot on the market and extremely suitable for heavier purposes! With payloads up to 25kg and a reach of 1700mm, the H series cobots are the ideal cobot for a collaborative robot palletising application. Both models offer high productivity and maximum efficiency combined with a reduced cycle time. This makes the units cost-effective, providing a quick return on your investment.

H Series Model Robots:

H2017 – 20kg payload and 1700mm reach

H2515 – 25kg payload and 1500mm reach

The high payload cobot features a 25kg payload, this means the Auto-Copal palletising system can handle heavy boxes that are difficult and a health and safety risk for humans to stack. By picking multiple boxes at once, the palletising robot increases your output rate.

The Doosan H Series Cobots are in a class of their own. Other cobot brands like Universal Robot do not have compatible specifications.

The UR16e is Universal Robots’ newest model cobot and this has a 16kg payload and a 900mm reach. This model has the heaviest payload available at Universal Robots. It still falls short of the Doosan H-Series 20kg payload capacity. Universal Robots has a lower payload and reach range. UR offers a range of 500mm to 1300mm, compared to the Doosan H Series 1500mm to 1700mm reach, the Doosan Cobots is a clear winner.

Doosan cobots have five workspace settings to fully protect the operator and improve work efficiency when palletizing and collaborating with humans. They are able to be programmed using the direct control unit by selecting various tasking modes as well as saving coordinates with simple button operations, allowing easy direct teaching.

The Doosan cobots are flexible and can be integrated with a number of industry-leading partners for end-of-arm tooling such as grippers and vision components, providing the best automation solutions optimised for customers’ needs. All registered products are highly compatible with Doosan robots, allowing easy and fast set-up and immediate operation.

Read more about the Autoline Cobot Palletiser solution here.

Contact Autoline today to discuss your collaborative robot palletising robot application, and find out how you can optimise your end-of-line packing process and reduce labour costs with cobot palletising.

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