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Optimise your end-of-line productivity by automating repetitive, difficult work that exceed throughput expectations. The Auto-CoPal is a cost-effective and flexible palletising solution compared to a standard industrial palletizing robot.

Key Features of the Auto-CoPal Cobot Palletising Solution:

Minimal Footprint – The cobot palletising system requires no machine safety guarding and can be easily integrate with floor space constraints. It is a compact collaborative end of line packing solution with powerful torque sensors on each joint, making them very sensitive to collision detection for operator protection.

Quick Deployment – From delivery to installation, the Auto-CoPal is quick and easy to integrate into your facility.

Industry Leading ROI – The Auto-CoPal practically pays for itself. Run your cobot 2 shifts a day to dramatically increase production. Many of our customers see a full return on investment within their first year!

Remote Support – Full remote access through the Doosan DART Platform for technical support from our robot technicians 24/7.

High-Payload Palletising Robot Benefits:

Palletising robots can help solve your labour problems quickly. It can not only be rapidly repurposed for future manufacturing and production requirements, but it also meets the requirements with no engineering needed.

Transportable – the palletising robot has built in fork pockets embedded into the welded base for rapid installation and fast deployment.

Custom End of Arm Tooling – We are able to custom design a gripper to suit your palletising application and packaging requirements. Or there are various end of arm tooling options from OnRobot.

Optional Collaborative Lifter – For high pallets (>1400mm) the addition of a collaborative lifter keeps integration easy for different size pallets.

Multi-pallet Stacking – Palletise two 1200mm x 1000mm pallets on either side for continuous operation and increased productivity.

Easy to Learn Programming – Easily build, edit, and save pallet configurations as production changes without writing a single line of code with offline programming software. Or simply hand guide the robot arm for programming using the Doosan Cockpit.

Other Features for the Auto-CoPal:

We understand that each palletising application is different. That’s why the Auto-CoPal palletising robot comes ready to work with customisable features that assure your pallets exceed your expectations.

  • Programme to insert layer boards and slip sheets.
  • Box orientation
  • Pick multiple boxes per movement for increased speed.

Doosan Robotics High Payload Cobots:

With Doosan Robotics, heavy-duty cobot palletizing is now possible with two new models in the Doosan Robotics line up of Cobots. The H-Series model cobots have the heaviest payload available on the market.

The high payload cobot features a 25kg payload, this means the Auto-CoPal palletising system can handle heavy boxes that are difficult and a health and safety risk for humans to stack. By picking multiple boxes at once, the palletising robot increases your output rate.

The H-Series H2017 and H2515 offer superior performance, best-in-class speed, and outstanding price competitiveness. Their main applications are palletizing, machine tending, and heavy-object handling.

Both models offer high productivity and maximum efficiency combined with a reduced cycle time. This makes the units cost-effective, providing a quick return on your investment.

The Doosan H Series Cobots are in a class of their own. Other cobot brands like Universal Robot do not have compatible specifications.

The UR16e is Universal Robots’ newest model cobot and this has a 16kg payload and a 900mm reach. This model has the heaviest payload available at Universal Robots. It still falls short of the Doosan H-Series 20kg payload capacity. Universal Robots have a lower payload and reach range. UR offers a range of 500mm to 1300mm. When compared to the Doosan H Series 1500mm to 1700mm reach, the Doosan Cobots is a clear winner.



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