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Doosan Robotics introduces the new cobot ‘High-Power’ H-Series. With this, two additional models are added to the cobot family, namely the H2017 and the H2515. These cobots are characterized by the highest safety score, reliability and they are the most powerful cobots in the industry.

Advanced technology that interacts with 6 high precision Force Torque Sensors (distributed across all 6 axes) enables intelligent safety. These sensors can immediately sense any force exerted on the joints. This makes them very sensitive to collision detection. Doosan Robotics is able to provide a world-class product through up to 20 different workspaces that all work together to create a uniquely optimized, extra safe environment .

In its range of 1700mm, the lifting weight has been increased to 20kg (model H2017) and the ultimate powerhouse is the H2515 with a payload of 25kg and an arm length of 1500mm. Heavy Object Handling is finally possible! With this H-series release, Doosan Robotics now has the largest cobot line-up in the industry, along with the existing M and A series.

The H series is ideal for the heavier purposes. The H2017 has a weight capacity of 20kg and reach of 1700mm. For example, they can be adapted to your logistics handling needs, such as palletising, machine loading and unloading and moving multiple products per movement. Doosan Robotics has used the highest quality materials and parts in order to make the cobots robust and extremely suitable for an industrial environment.

  • High Payload – Features the astonishing payload, capable of easily handling heavy objects of up to 20 kg.
  • High – Safety – Guarantees superb operator safety, ensured with the industry’s best collision sensitivity based on six torque sensors and a gravity compensation algorithm.
  • High Flexibility – Boasts more flexible workspace settings with easy on-site robot repositioning along with easy ARM linking and installation made possible with a weight half that of collaborative robots in the same class.
  • High Productivity – Maximize efficiency and productivity with the reduced cycle time and excellent cost-effectiveness, capable of a return on investment in the shortest amount of time.


  • Palletizing – Heavy objects stacking and palletizing on logistics and automated procedures
  • Machine Tending – Feed heavy subjects into the CNC machine and load/unload them from/to the pallet
  • Heavy Objects Handling – Staking, transport and handling of multiple objects simultaneously In fast-paced production procedures, such as those found in the logistics and fabric industries

Additional information

Degrees of Freedom


Rated Payload

20 kg

Maximum Reach

1700 mm

Tool Speed

1 m/s


0.1 mm



J1 Range


J2 Range


J3 Range


J4 Range


J5 Range


J6 Range


J1 Speed


J2 Speed


J3 Speed


J4 Speed


J5 Speed


J6 Speed



74 kg

I/O Power Supply

DC 24 V/ Max 3 A



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