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OnRobot 2FGP20 Electric Gripper


The OnRobot 2FGP20 electric gripper offers a wide stroke and customizable arms to easily handle heavy or open boxes, shelf-ready products, and other containers that can’t be handled with traditional vacuum grippers. Like all OnRobot electric grippers, the FGP20 provides fast, out-of-the-box deployment with intuitive programming. An integrated vacuum gripper places slip sheets without changing the gripper or requiring another handling method. The 2FGP20 gripper has a versatile payload of 9kg (including gripper), making it ideal for handling food boxes or pouches and tetra-packed items, as well as fast-moving consumer goods such as toiletries, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products.

  • Ideal for Palletising – The gripper’s wide-stroke can handle display and open boxes, weighing up to 20kg.
  • Grips Boxes and Containers Vacuum Grippers Can’t – Parallel gripping is less sensitive to box material and porosity.
  • Integrated Vacuum for Handling Slip Sheets – Use one gripper for multiple processes in the palletising application.
  • Wide Stroke and Customisable Arms – Can be quickly deployed and redeployed for handling different parts and applications.



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