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OnRobot Pallet Station

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The OnRobot Pallet Station is a mechanical guide for pallets in a pallet application. A digital “Pallet present” signal is available, and the indication lamp shows the status of the signal. The Pallet station is normally integrated with Lift100 and the Palletising application software with either one or two Pallet stations. The Pallet station has the flexibility to be mechanically assembled for a right or a left setup, dependent on the actual application. The sturdy design can withstand hits from forklifts or trucks

This accessory is to be used with the Lift100 Robot Elevator.

Additional information

Sensor Activation Zone

Max. 6 mm


17 kg

Dimensions (L x W x D)

Min. 828 x 428.5 x 207.5 mm Max. 828 x ~ x 207.5 mm

Pallet Sizes

All Sizes*

Storage Temperature

Max. 60 °c

IP Classification




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