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Compact, production-ready, robot welding cell from the world’s #1 supplier of arc-welding robot systems.  Simple operation by unskilled labor frees your skilled welders for high-value fabrication work.  Integrated headstock positioning in a 90-degree configuration, in a very small footprint.

ECO-ARC 290 includes:
– One arc-welding robot (standard reach)
– Two 250kg headstock positioners supporting uninterrupted production robot welding
+ Part length up to 48” and swing diameter up to 24”
– Integrated Welbee II advanced welding technology including wire feeder and torch
– Full perimeter safety guarding including OSHA-mandated arc-flash protection and safety interlocked access
+ Pop-up, pneumatic operator access load/unload doors
+ Swing service access door with safety interlock
– Welding gas bottle mount with regulator/flow meter included
– Small footprint (7.7’W x 10.5’D)
– Unitized base with fork pockets for easy pickup and positioning around your fabrication shop



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