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FD Teaching Pendant

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The FD19 Teach Pendant represents the newest thinking and design in robot controllers. The FD19 is designed for comfortable, extended use. It’s lighter than the FD11, offers an improved ergonomic grip, features an edgeless LCD display and includes raised tactile buttons. We’ve also eliminated end-of-life failures with a replaceable hook, quick-connects at both ends of the pendant cable and a spatter-resistant screen border.

  • NEW teach pendant delivers enhanced physical “connection” for operation and teaching
  • Designed for comfortable extended use
    • 66% less arm fatigue
    • Weight reduced by 15%
    • Grip redesigned with comfortable 3D contouring
  • Easy-to-press keypad with lighter press force
  • Keypad delivers tactile <click> feedback
  • Raised features on the keypad for tactile, “no-look” navigation
  • Weld-spatter-resistant border around touch-screen
  • Plugable teach pendant cable for rapid damaged cable replacement
  • Hanger hook is now a replaceable wear item
  • Touch-screen upgraded
    • Improved resolution and contrast
    • Faster response
    • Finer touch resolution
  • Supports touch-screen only program editing
  • Scroll with swiping action
  • On-screen keypad for numeric entry
  • Menu icons for tablet/phone-like operation

Additional information


175 mm x 326 mm x 81 mm


1.08 kg


5.7 inches

Cable Length

8m (standard), option for 15m


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