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Robot Welding Nozzle Cleaning Station


Our nozzle cleaning station is an all-in-one cleaning station for robot welding. Just one installation stand including a Wire Cutter, Nozzle Cleaner, and Anti-spatter Solution Sprayer makes nozzle cleaning efficiently in a minimum amount of space.

  • Easy installation due to air-driven design.
  • Maintenance-friendly by simple design.
  • The minimum space required is approx. 327mm x 255mm x 904mm.
  • Both nozzle cleaning and anti-spatter spraying are performed in the same location, saving time.
  • With one input signal from the internal PLC, the whole operation from the nozzle clamp to the anti-spatter spaying is performed in series.
  • Using an ultra-hard reamer and air motor the spatter is firmly removed.
  • A specialty steel cutting blade allows for long operating life and stability.

Wire Cutter:

  • The cutting blade is designed by the principle of leverage and made of highly durable material, allowing 40,000 cuts or more on one side.

Nozzle Cleaner:

  • Reamers forward and reverse rotation removes spatter inside of the nozzle.
  • Driven by compressed air.

Anti-spatter Solution:

  • Sprays a fine mist of anti-spatter solution to apply a thin uniform coating to the interior surface of the nozzle. This nozzle coating dries right after welding due to nozzle heat to form an anti-spatter coating.
  • The anti-spatter solution can be sprayed in optimum quantities to prevent wasted fluid.
  • Supports nozzles with external dimensions in the range from 16mm to 26mm.


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