Welders are in more demand than ever, and the Manufacturing Industry will continue to be important.

Currently there are over 250 vacancies for Welder’s and 450 vacancies for Engineers advertised on TradeMe nationwide. With the ongoing shortage of skilled workers and supply chain disruptions we are seeing an increasing number of manufacturing businesses move to robotic automation.

Looking at the future and the technology that is available today, most welding processes that are performed manually can be performed with robotic automation. Many organisations best welders are also excellent engineers that are needed in other highly skilled areas of the business.

Though some manufacturing workshops may be hesitant by the perceived cost of a robotic welding system and the idea that robots are difficult to program, Autoline can demonstrate a definite benefit with our proven ROI calculator, we include installation and robot operator training costs as part of our calculation. The investment of robotic welding helps manufacturers overcome the labour shortage, demands for increased production and provides consistent high-quality welds.

With Autoline’s comprehensive training program and support, we have found it is easier to train a person to operate the robot than it is retain a qualified welder in an organisation to do the dull and dirty work, plus support the qualified welders human health, safety and employment costs.

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Robots Fill The Welding Gap