We have just received another container shipment of robots into stock with more arriving next week also. We have multiple systems available for rapid integration into your factory. These systems include robot welding, palletising, CNC machine tending and any other application you may be considering a robot for!

2021 saw an increase of over 28% in robotic automation sales in the USA. This extra demand is being seen globally and is placing unprecedented pressure on the global robotic stock. Freight delays are also wreaking havoc, with deliveries being continually delayed.

Automating manufacturing processes is without a doubt on the rise, more robots are being installed globally than ever before as companies bring manufacturing home and have to keep up with increased demands. This trend is not going to go away – robots are here to stay.

There can be employee uncertainty surrounding robotics as people are sometimes afraid that they might lose their jobs to a robot. Research has shown that companies that implement robotics employ more staff due to the removal of production constraints. The entire business grows through being more productive and more profitable.

We have seen time and time again that the companies that are most successful with industrial and collaborative robots integrations are the ones that get their employees on board early. The employees don’t just passively accept the robot, they take ownership of the robot and become very involved with it.

Adding a robot to your team can be engaging because it provides many of the key drivers of employee engagement:

  • People learn new skills to operate and program the robot.
  • They see that their ideas and knowledge of the task are appreciated.
  • They can see how they are learning skills that will help assure their future career in the industry.
  • The robot is applied to dull, repetitive tasks that people didn’t like doing anyway. Therefore the employee can do more value-added tasks in the company.

…and Robots are approved to continue working under all COVID-19 levels, with zero days isolation required.😉

Robots in Stock