Unfortunately, EMEX is not proceeding as planned and has been rescheduled to Tuesday 31st May to Thursday 2nd June 2022.

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Autoline Cobot Welder

Autoline has worked extremely hard over the past months developing an awesome product that will revolutionise the entire engineering industry and had this product completed and working ready for a product launch at the EMEX Exhibition 2021.

We have developed this cobot welder to be able to be programmed by simply dragging the torch to the points a the start and finish of the weld, recording those positions, and then setting the weld parameters.

A unique feature of our Cobot welder setup is the ability to adjust positions, weld settings, and speed all while doing the weld. Our configuration is able to be set up on a welding table or hung from overhead to protect the Cobot.

A challenging problem we have overcome is creating smooth welds when transitioning from circles to straight lines, check out the video to see the excellent quality of the welds that can be achieved with the Autoline Cobot welding solution.

This innovation is a combination of world-leading cobot and welding technology manufacturers bought together by a 100% Kiwi-owned family business.

The Autoline cobot welder is available for sale and we are now taking orders.

Autoline Cobot Welder
Cobot Weld - Autoline
Cobot Weld
Budgetary, Compact OTC Daihen Welding Cell

The compact welding cell is ideal for replacing or supplementing manual welding. Complete with robot, controller and manually revolving work table, the OTC Daihen compact welding cell has plenty to offer in a very small footprint. Note: Safety fencing and weld screen will differ in a production model.

Key Features

  • Compact and forkliftable frame that can be easily relocated.
  • Single Source Robot Welding Solution by OTC Daihen.
  • Various welder options to suit your application.
  • OTC Daihen Through-arm, long-reach, arc-welding robot with 6kg payload and 2m reach.
  • The new FD19 Controller by OTC Daihen.
  • Simple Start/Stop control.

The compact OTC Daihen welding cell is available for sale and we are now taking orders.

Autoline OTC Robot
Automated Robotic Systems - Autoline
Autoline OTC Daihen Welding Cell