Make a “weld” of difference in your robotics process.

Capable of producing high-quality welds with premium aesthetic quality, aluminium alloys have a broad range of chemistry that can make filler metal selection complicated. To gain expert advice that can help avoid potential pitfalls, join welding expert, Galen White, for an insightful discussion and Q&A period about the best practices for choosing aluminium filler metal for your specific application.

Topic Highlights:

  • The pros and cons of aluminium welding
  • How to overcome aluminium welding difficulty
  • The basics of aluminium filler metal selection
  • Deep dive into different alloy types (i.e., 4043 vs. 4943)
  • Q&A session

Who Should Attend:

  • Design, Welding and Process/Product Engineers
  • Anyone interested in learning more about robotic welding with aluminium

Register to join guest speaker, Galen White, from Hobart Filler Metals, as he shares expert advice and proven methods that can make your robotic application a success!

Webinar Details: Thursday 22nd June 2022 | 6:00 AM NZST

Yaskawa Aluminium Filler Metals Webinar
Yaskawa Aluminium Filler Metals