Expert Tips for Automated MIG Welding!

Increase your overall equipment effectiveness to fully utilise your robotic welding process!

Robotic welding significantly improves productivity, while upstanding an excellent weld quality. Careful use of welding consumables is imperative to ensure high-quality welds are consistent.

If you are a user of robotic welding or are interested in investing in this automation, join Yaskawa’s webinar to find out the best practices for using consumables from automated welding experts!

Topic Highlights:

  • Monitoring consumables waste
  • Knowing when consumables are bad
  • Determining the root cause of weld failures
  • Deciding when to maximise tip life or optimise your welding work cell
  • Understanding how consumable usage impacts the overall weld system

Who Should Attend?

  • Robotic automation end-users
  • Truck and trailer manufacturers
  • Heavy agricultural equipment and construction manufacturers

Webinar Details: Thursday 7th April 2022 | 6:00 AM NZT

Consuming Less Consumables