Are you hesitant to take the robot leap? Don’t be!

As labor challenges increase and automation becomes more affordable, many first-time robot adopters are still hesitant to invest and lack the confidence to take the necessary steps to achieve success. Couple this with the fear that the “robot journey” will tax valuable time and resources, and there’s a lot to unpack.

Whether you work for an automotive, construction, agriculture, oil and gas, or general industry manufacturer, this extremely informative presentation is for you!

Join Yaskawa expert, Josh Leath, as he provides beneficial insights into robotic automation and how it can help set the stage for optimising operational success.

Build robot readiness for automation confidence and lasting success!

Topic Highlights:

  • Why should I automate
  • What can I automate, and how do I start the process?
  • What do I need to know about robot implementation and training?
  • How do I measure return on investment?
  • How do I maximize robot value?

Webinar Details: Thursday 22nd September 2022 | 6:00 AM NZST

Who Should Attend:

  • Business owners
  • Manufacturing/Engineering directors
  • Operations managers
  • Maintenance technician.
  • Anyone new to robots
Yaskawa Webinar – Steps For Automation Success