We have developed a collaborative robot welder to be able to be programmed by simply dragging the torch to the points a the start and finish of the weld, recording those positions, and then setting the weld parameters.

A unique feature of our Cobot welder setup is the ability to adjust positions, weld settings, and speed all while doing the weld. Our configuration is able to be set up on a welding table or hung from overhead to protect the Cobot.

A challenging problem we have overcome is creating smooth welds when transitioning from circles to straight lines, click here to see the excellent quality of the welds that can be achieved with the Autoline Cobot welding solution.

This innovation is a combination of world-leading cobot and welding technology manufacturers bought together by a 100% Kiwi-owned family business.

Available to order or lease from only $370.00 per week!*

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